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Property Management Services


Thank you for your interest in Kitty Hawk Realty real estate services. We are recognized in the industry as one of the premier property management companies which have properties for rent in San Diego. We currently manage more than 300 single-family homes and condominiums through out San Diego County. Our homes for rent are located in Chula Vista, Eastlake, Otay Ranch, San Diego, San Ysidro and more of southern California. Included in our inventory of managements are several properties owned by fellow real estate agents. These real estate brokers work in various companies in San Diego County and no longer desire to expose themselves to the lost time and risks of managing their own properties. Our company is owned and managed by retired senior enlisted military people who have many years experience in everyday problem solving and middle management.

We charge a flat fee % of the rental amount for our services. We have no other fees! There is no start up fee, no in between tenant fees, no repair holdback money and no advertising fee. We pay for all advertising that we deem necessary to rent your property.

For our fee, we will:

  • Advertise the property
  • Screen all tenants
  • Complete all rental agreements
  • Supervise all repair work
  • Make property rent ready upon a vacancy
  • Provide monthly and annual accounting statements
  • Prepare 1099's
  • Electronically transfer funds to owner accounts
  • Allow owner to view accounts over secure web page
  • Take over 100 photos of your property prior to delivering possession
  • Advertise the property, screen all the tenants, and execute all the rental agreements
  • Supervise all the repair work and or cleaning done at the property
  • Sign and serve notices at the property
  • Make the property rent ready upon any vacancy to quickly re-rent the property
  • Provide monthly owner accounting statements and year end 1099 tax reporting documents
  • Bilingual staff (Eng/Spa)

One of the unfortunate realities of owning a rental property is the need to appear in court from time to time. No matter how well tenants are screened, some will have to be dealt with in the court system. We have experience in the local courts and know what it takes to settle matters quickly and in the best interests of our clients. Should an eviction be necessary we act in a timely manner to ensure the least expense to our owners and the fastest availability of the property for re-rent to a better tenant.

If you are trying to decide weather to sell or rent your property we strongly encourage you to give us a call before you make your decision. It may well be that the current appreciation we are experiencing in San Diego County will make it more valuable to keep your property than to sell it. We will keep your best interests (not our pocketbook) foremost in our minds during this conversation.

We want to hear from you. It is hard to communicate all the elements involved in the successful management of property without open communication between our company and you the owner of the property. For more information, or to schedule any necessary follow-up appointments, please call us at 619-425-4295 between the hours of 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM PST, Monday through Saturday. We will make our staff available to meet your timeframes.